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Dec 8, 2011

DIY Gift: Tiger Bike Helmet

Sawako Furuno Helmet
Rawwr! My Tiger Helmet
     A few weeks ago my sister emailed me a picture of this super cute Sawako Furuno leopard print bike helmet saying she wanted it. I looked into it and was shocked to discover it was $200. While I couldn't buy it, I told my sister it looked like something I could paint. She got super excited and asked if I could make her a tiger helmet for Christmas. I didn't give her an answer but I knew that's exactly what I would do.
    The hardest part was finding the right helmet with a little brim. After trolling the internet I found great match in the GIRO Surface helmet. After lots of searching on Cyber Monday I was able to snag it for $22, a steal. Everything after that was easy.

-Orange spray paint
-White primer
-Clear Sealant
-Blue painter's tape
-Print out of tiger stripe pattern

1. I printed out an image of a tiger stripe pattern for a visual reference then using painter's tape started marking out the stripes on the helmet. I tore of the both long edges of the tape for all my stripes so that the stripes would be rough edged.

2. Cover the brim in tape. You do NOT want to paint the brim. Then stuff the air vents and head space with plastic bags and then tape over the bottom so you don't get paint inside your helmet.

3. In a well ventilated area spray the helmet with white primer, make sure to cover thoroughly. Let dry.

4. Spray the helmet with the orange paint. Let dry. Do second coat.

5. Spray with clear sealant. Let dry.

6. Carefully remove tape.

Ignore the black spot. I have no idea what that is.


P.S. Try different animal prints. I'm tempted to try the original leopard print helmet.

Dec 6, 2011

Easy DIY gift: Purse Strap Bracelet

Purse Strap Bracelet

Since it is the holiday season I figured I would try to come up with some more DIY gifts for those of you who love to make your gifts or might be short on $ or ideas. Today's gift took me all of 5 minutes to make and cost me $0.
Using the strap and hardware from an old broken purse I created two chic bracelets. These are the perfect rescue gifts to having lying around just in case, or to give to a trendy co-worker, friend, or family member.

-Old purse strap (best material is leather and pleather)
-Purse hardware to use as clasp, you can also buy this from your favorite craft/fabric store
-Matching color thread
-Sewing Machine

1. Starting at one end of the purse strap cut a length of strap to fit your wrist + about 2 inches for each side that you need to sew into a loop. I was lucky that my purse straps ended in the toggle claps so I only had to sew the second loop meaning I only added two inches to my bracelet length. If you have to add loops on both ends add 4 inches. You can trim off the extra.

2. Thread sewing machine and use the correct needle for the fabric you're sewing. Place either clasp or the metal ring through one end of bracelet strap. About an inch down fold the strap over with the hardware inside, creating the loop. Sew into place with two straight seams.

3. Repeat at other end if you need to. Make sure you size the loops so the finished bracelet will fit your wrist. Trim any extra material.

If you have a really long purse strap you can use this same technique to make a belt. Or you can use this process to turn an old belt into a new bracelet.


Dec 5, 2011

Easy DIY Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts: Zippered Clutch and Make-up Pouch

Leopard and pleather make-up pouch

Leopard clutch
You might remember the post I did on sewing a leopard print clutch a little while ago. It's become one of my go-to bags and the other night I was at my bf's band's show when the lead singer's new lady friend asked me about it. After I told her I made it she asked if I could make her one. Nervous but flattered I said yes. I already had the necessary materials left over from making my bag so I knew it would be easy to make another. This time I just made a single pouch clutch, so much easier, and still had enough fabric left that I also made a little make up bag. I'm handing the bag over tonight. I hope she likes it.
Leopard and pleather clutch with purple polka dot lining

Make-up pouch with black and gold starburst lining

Dec 1, 2011

Caught in the Photoshop Web

I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of it. Staring at models in ads and on the cover of magazines. Dissecting their every non-existent pore. Telling ourselves or anyone who will listen to us that their images are photoshopped beyond belief. And why do we do it? Is it actually because we want to point out the lies being fed to us? Maybe. Or because we have been taught to be jealous and threatened by anyone we perceive as better than us? Possibly. Is it because it feels good? Could be. I know I feel a little better about myself when I can tell myself that none of it is real, and no one is that pretty. Really, it's probably a combination of all these things and more.

Well, now image forensics researchers at Dartmouth have developed a mathematical model that traces photoshop alterations. They applied the model to several ads and magazine covers and hope to use the findings to study the affect such images have on the psyche. This model isn't available for public use but if it was would you use it? Why?