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Dec 8, 2011

DIY Gift: Tiger Bike Helmet

Sawako Furuno Helmet
Rawwr! My Tiger Helmet
     A few weeks ago my sister emailed me a picture of this super cute Sawako Furuno leopard print bike helmet saying she wanted it. I looked into it and was shocked to discover it was $200. While I couldn't buy it, I told my sister it looked like something I could paint. She got super excited and asked if I could make her a tiger helmet for Christmas. I didn't give her an answer but I knew that's exactly what I would do.
    The hardest part was finding the right helmet with a little brim. After trolling the internet I found great match in the GIRO Surface helmet. After lots of searching on Cyber Monday I was able to snag it for $22, a steal. Everything after that was easy.

-Orange spray paint
-White primer
-Clear Sealant
-Blue painter's tape
-Print out of tiger stripe pattern

1. I printed out an image of a tiger stripe pattern for a visual reference then using painter's tape started marking out the stripes on the helmet. I tore of the both long edges of the tape for all my stripes so that the stripes would be rough edged.

2. Cover the brim in tape. You do NOT want to paint the brim. Then stuff the air vents and head space with plastic bags and then tape over the bottom so you don't get paint inside your helmet.

3. In a well ventilated area spray the helmet with white primer, make sure to cover thoroughly. Let dry.

4. Spray the helmet with the orange paint. Let dry. Do second coat.

5. Spray with clear sealant. Let dry.

6. Carefully remove tape.

Ignore the black spot. I have no idea what that is.


P.S. Try different animal prints. I'm tempted to try the original leopard print helmet.


  1. love it!


  2. This is such awesomeness, wow!! What a great job, seriously! I also love it how your sister gave you such a great idea for a gift. And the print possibilities are pretty much endless... I'm thinking the good ol' zebra would also look awesome!

  3. Wow it's awesome!
    You have great ideas!;)

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