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Oct 29, 2012

Brass and Carnelian Cuff

After much procrastinating I finally finished up this cuff for my mom and I've already got an order for another one!

Sep 30, 2012

Thrift Store Rework: Old Dress= New Top

        + scissors+sewing machine =

I found this dress, with tags still attached, at my local Salvation Army thrift store. Being a sucker for a classic print, black and cream, and a great bargain I scooped it up for $5. While the dress fits I knew I would never wear it as is. Shoulder pads, lining with no give, and the hem length are just not a good combo on a shorter curvy girl. Instead, I decided that the dress would have a fabulous second life as a peplum top (I know peplums are starting to be an old trend but I don't care I think they are fun). With the leftover skirt material serving as the peplum all I had to do was make a few cuts, folds, and stitches to turn this frumpy dress into a flirty top.  My sewing skills are pretty rusty when it comes to clothing so I'm super proud of myself for being able to pull this off. Have you ever reworked/repurposed clothing? How did it turn out?

Sep 13, 2012

Since I've been Gone

Did ya miss me? Here is some of the work I've been up to over the last few months. I've loved fabrication so much that I'm actually going back to school next month to get my degree in Jewelry Design. Yay to massive student debt and new possibilities! More big news. I am a featured artist on the new site Makeably. It is a great website started by a friend of a friend that features artists and crafters selling completely custom and one-of-a-kind work. The site doesn't launch until the 20th but I'll post more information when I get it in case you want to check it out. Really looking forward to all these new opportunities.

Sep 12, 2012

Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge

A few weeks ago Fiber One contacted me asking if I would like to DIY a Snackcessory to share with all you. Of course I said yes because I can't resist a good DIY challenge and creating a cute bag to protect my snacks from getting smashed sounds like a win win situation to me. Riffing off my pearl encrusted DIY Minauderie and the bold blues and floral I've been noticing during fashion week I decided to decoupage a sunglasses case with a beautiful floral paper and then spice it up a bit with some hardware. Not only will this little bag protect your snacks it will fit your night out essentials so you can ditch your purse and rock the minauderie.

*Make sure to check out the contest at FiberOne.com!

Wouldn't Mandy look great with this?
                                                                                   Source: refinery29.com via Jacqueline on Pinterest

-hard sunglasses case (the larger the better)
-Mod Podge and spray adhesive if you want a quicker dry when laying your paper
-Paint brush
-1 piece pretty paper (mine is scrapbooking paper)
-E6000 glue (a DIYer must have)
-A flat-back piece of hardware (I used a jewelry finding I had in my collection, originally its from Michaels)
-Approx. 6" Chain (if you don't have large link chain you can link smaller strands together for greater visual impact)
-Toothpicks and pen/pencil

1. Mod Podge paper to case. I cut my paper in half and then lined up one edge to the hinged edge of the case. Lay case flat. You will work on one side at a time. Spray the glue or paint the MP onto the hinged edge and top of case. Lay paper down flat on theses areas. Wait to dry. 
2. Spray or MP one corner of case and carefully work paper onto surface. You will have to fold or crumple paper to shape it. Let dry. Repeat on other corner. 
3. Trim off excess paper.
4. Mod Podge papered area. Be sure to get under the edges so they don't flip up. Let dry.
5. Flip case over and repeat steps 1-4.
Mod Podge a DIYer's good friend
6. After case is dry you can add the hardware. To create a fake clasp like mine center your hardware at the case opening so that if will fit across both sides. Mark the spot on one side. Open the case up. Using a toothpick spread some glue onto the marked area, going to the lip of the case. Quickly, place your hardware (just half of it) on the glued area and hold till dry.
7. With pen/pencil lightly mark the spots where your chain will attach the the case. Using a toothpick dab glue on one of the markings then press chain into glue. While holding the chain in place put more glue on the toothpick and spread it around the edges of the chain to create a nice seal. When that end is attached repeat at the other end. 

Let dry and Viola! You have a chic new Snackcessory.

All you need for a night out
Now I want to see yours. Leave me a link in the comments and don't forget to go to FiberOne.com to enter your own Snackcessory for the chance to win a trip to Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Feb. '13 for you and a guest! 

Feb 24, 2012


I just wanted to share my first finished piece from my jewelry class with you. I'm so excited to be learning how to create jewelry from design concept to finished product all by hand. There is so much more to learn and try and I can't wait to do it all! If you've ever wanted to learn a new skill or craft or just learn more about an interest of yours, take a class! Community colleges and city centers offer tons of amazing classes at affordable prices and it's really encouraging to be surrounded by others who share similar interests and passions.

Feb 7, 2012

Some Work I'm Doing

I've always been interested in being able to design my own jewelry, and to not be limited to only using what I can buy or re-purpose, so I started taking a jewelry fabrication class at a local jc. I love it! So far we've been working on an acid etched copper pendant with a bezel set stone and wax cast rings. It's been amazing to learn so many new things and really makes me excited about what I'll be able to do in the future. Now if I can just find a studio to use once class finishes...

Jan 29, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday B!

My baby turned 7 this weekend so I guess she is no longer a baby. Sometimes I miss the chubby little rolly-polly she was, but then I think about poopy diapers and sleepless nights and I'm happy to be past that.


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