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Sep 20, 2011

DIY Minauderie

A few months ago I came across a blog post (before I used pinterest so I can't recall the name) about turning a discarded sunglasses case into a clutch. I thought this was a clever idea and knowing I was going to be in two weddings over the summer I thought it would be a great inexpensive way to add some sparkle to my look. I received lots of compliments and everyone was surprised to learn the bag had been a sunglasses case. This is a great DIY because it doesn't take much skill or money, just a little creativity.  Now go rummage through your junk draws to find a case and try this yourself.

Supplies needed:

- 1 hard sunglasses case (make sure it's large enough to hold a night out's necessary items.
-spray paint
-decorative findings
-strong glue

1. Spray paint the case to help camouflage it
2. After paint has dried. Glue on fake closure if you want. I painted a large green plastic pyramid bead to look like a purse snap.
3.Working in small areas, spread glue and place findings.
4. Repeat step 3 until the case is covered. Make sure that you leave space around the edges so case can close.

This does take a little bit of time if you are working with small findings, and I'm not going to lie that I definitely lost a few brain cells from sniffing so much glue, but it was still fun.


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