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Sep 9, 2011

My parents went to Africa and I didn't even get a stupid t-shirt...totally joking

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Well, actually I didn't get a t-shirt, but I'm ok with that because I ended up with these beautiful beaded bracelets and necklace that are completely on trend right now.

My favorite is the large black and blue cuff
These pieces were made by local women my parents met while they toured around Cameroon, Rwanda, and Kenya for 17 days this month. Yep, my parents said Sayonara Sucker to me and took off on the trip of a lifetime. Actually, I'm really happy that they got to take such an amazing trip. They've been trying to organize one for the last few years, but the timing was always off. Then my sister decided to spend the summer in Cameroon interning for a human rights law group and LIGHTBULB! my parents decided it would be a great idea to visit her. When they came home my mom had almost 2000 photos on her camera. Here are some of my favorites:
Looks like Rhino Baby has a new friend. My family enjoys giving "unique" gifts that make me want to sleep with the lights on.
Big Booty Little Chief-gift from sister, Rhino Baby-from Dad, pinecone above Chief's head-from B
Now onto the real photos

Hungry Hungry Hippos!

My absolute favorite animal.


Just a small snack.

Rhinos don't really camouflage too well.

I feel like some fire and melting clocks would make this a Dali painting.


Brothers on the prowl.

Who you looking at?

Annual river crossing. Pure chaos.

Lion around in the road ;)

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  1. Your comment on the rhino made me laugh!