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Aug 29, 2011

Last Days of Summer

Already thinking it's Fall. I was in a tank top and felt fine.
     Lately, it feels like everyone's done with Summer and onto Fall already, like Summer is so passe. Fortunately, Summer didn't get the memo. While the East Coast dealt with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene we were dealing with a heat wave and high levels of humidity. Luckily, we were able to escape to Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA, for the weekend where temps were at least 20 degrees cooler.
     B has a slight unknown fear of the ocean (not a healthy respect) and fights me everytime I suggest going down to the beach. This always bums me out because I love the beach and spent most of my childhood summers in the water or on the sand with friends and family, and I want her to have the same great experiences I did. This time she had no choice and I dragged her to the boardwalk, where surprise surprise she decided she wanted to take off her shoes and play in the sand. The next few hours we spent looking for shells, building sand piles, and running in and out of the water. It was so much fun and a huge success in getting her to like the beach and build up her courage. I hope to have many more of these days, and luckily with our climate it's possible to enjoy the beach throughout the year. Who knows maybe in a few more years I'll even be able to get her out on a long board.


  1. I want summer to last forever :-)

  2. Glad to know someone else doesn't mind summer lazing about.

  3. Cool photos!


  4. It's unfortunate she's not friends with the beach! Maybe it'll come with time?