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Aug 26, 2011

Radio Rockstar a DIY Repurposed Bag

While cleaning out his storage unit my boyfriend found an old radio in its case and thought that I would have fun repurposing the leather box (he knows me so well). Obviously, the case was already a great little purse it just needed to be cleaned up and updated. Using some scrap lace and brassy pyramid stud stickers I had lying around I was able to take this bag from relic to rockstar, all for the grand total of $0. Here's how.

Nice shape and color, just really boring.
Fabric scissors
Liquid Stitch glue (one of my favorite finds in the last year)
Fabric pen
Scrap fabric about 1 1/2 x 4" (should be durable/double layered)
Embellishments (I found these at Michael's in the $1 bin awhile ago. I just remove the foam backing to use)

1. This bag opens like a lunch box with the flap ending in a 90 degree angle. Since I wanted to use it as a purse and not have everything spill out when opened I decided to add fabric sides that would limit how far the flap opened. With this type of leather I wasn't able to sew on the fabric so I used Liquid Stitch to add the fabric. I opened the bag to the angle I wanted it to rest at making sure I could easily access anything inside, placed the fabric inside, marked the angle the fabric needed to be cut at for the flap, and cut it.

Not very cute inside. Another reason to add the fabric strips.
2. Glue fabric in place place. I gave it about a 1/4" lip on the bottom of the bag and glued the fabric to the whole side of the main part of the bag, but only used glue on a small strip on the flap. The flap has a lip that overlaps the body of the bag when closed and if I glued fabric to the whole lip it would have made the bag awkward to close.

Secured by a cute little piece of fabric
3. While that dried I removed the sticker backings from my studs and laid out the design I wanted. It ended up that a random scattering of studs looked the best. I think it contrasts well with the classic conservative shape and look of the bag.

4. Glue down studs. I used Liquid Stitch again because I was out of Super Glue, but I'm not sure how well the studs will hold up with it. I like that LS doesn't mark up leather but I might have to use a stronger multi-purpose adhesive because of the studs.

Done! Now I have a fun little bag that holds all my necessities and will transition well through the seasons.

Have you ever repurposed a bag? I would love to see your results?



  1. never tried it, looks great

  2. This is amazing! :) I really want to get into to DIY things. They always turn out so great and are a wonderful conversation starter! Great post.

    I would love for you to stop by and check out my latest outfit post. xoxo


  3. I love this!! what a Great DIY!!