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Oct 21, 2009

Job Search

I'm supposed to be searching for a new job, but the actual search keeps getting pushed back further and further on my to do list. Honestly, it's just really hard to be motivated to do it. I was in this situation a year ago and didn't expect to be back here so quickly. Just setting up profiles, updating my resume, writing cover letters drains so much time, that when it's finally time to start searching I'm exhausted and it's late in the afternoon. The other problem is that I don't really know where to search. I mean obviously I'm using the normal job boards, but so much of what's posted on them is not for me. Since I no longer want to be in the ASI really isn't a good option for me, but what is? Most of my contacts are in the ASI or still in school, outside of that I'm pretty much on my own. I do know I would love to do marketing/PR for a creative company like a fashion label or record company. Besides logging onto company websites to apply for jobs and cold emailing HR departments does anyone have a suggestion on how to get noticed by these companies? Anything would be helpful. Or even just tips on how to stay motivated, focused, and upbeat through this whole process would be great.

Music makes the World go Round

I looooooooove music and am constantly awed by the effect it holds over me. I mean how boring would this journey be without a soundtrack playing in the background? I think we would all end up going crazy from the lack of connectivity between our souls and what we do/think/feel/say. There are so many times I've relied on music to help me cope with issues, vent anger, or even just express the emotions I'm feeling at that very moment. Music has helped shape my life and I can still recall what I was listening to during each period of my life. I can't remember what I wore two days ago but I can remember being 12 riding in my dad's car to go get a movie at Blockbuster and making him idle the car in the parking lot so I could finish listening to "Jelly Head". Don't judge me on the song (I still secretly love it).
Since about 8th grade my musical preferences have remained rooted pretty solidly in rock, more specifically punk, alt, and classic, but that doesn't mean I don't listen to anything else. I have a major weakness for simple songs consisting of an acoustic guitar and gravely voice. The contrast between the voice and guitar just make me swoon. And then there are days where all I can handle are cheesy pop songs, ala Britney, delivered via Top 40 radio. God help me I don't know why this is. I'm embarrassed that I'm actually admitting something like that. It just goes to show how powerful the cyclical effect of music on mood and vice versa is.
So like I said I love music but I feel lately that I'm stuck in a rut. I want to add some new music to my playlist but I don't even know where to start. Every time I search the itunes store I'm either overwhelmed by the selection or am disappointed to find they don't carry music by the band I'm looking for. I'm also a total ADD music collector, and have many artists with just one song in my song catalogue. I will hear a song I like, look up the band, and then discover that I don't like any of their other songs. I don't mind this and if you have any awesome song suggestions I would love to know them, but I'm really trying to find some awesome bands to get behind. I don't care how big/small they are in the music world all I care about is their sound. So please post your recommendations.

F.Y.I. I hate pretentious (ie too cool for school) bands. Skinny jeans, a psychedelic music video, and Ray Bans do not a good musician make.

Oct 19, 2009

This is why I blog

I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile. Initially, I was going to blog about the ups and downs of being a young woman in the action sports industry. I was really fed up with the way women would often be passed up for new positions or promotions so that the hiring manager's bro could get the spot instead. I mean I've watched some guys with very limited brain capacity and drive make it pretty far up in a company because of bro hiring tactics. I understand networking and getting ahead through contacts. I mean really isn't that the way most jobs are found now a days, but a foot in the door shouldn't automatically lead to your butt in a cubicle. Frankly, I don't give a flying rat's ass if these guys surf the same spot every morning, this is work, give the job to the person most deserving of it. Sorry, if I sound bitter. Right now I am, but I'll be over it soon. just have to rant for a minute.
After three years of working my butt off I've just found out that my job position has been eliminated for the second time. Yes, that's right. I've been hired, laid off, rehired, and laid off again by the same company in practically the same job just two days from exactly a year between lay offs. The thing is that I'm not sad about losing the job. It sucked and is not what I wanted to do at all. I'm just angry that I wasn't able to get anywhere while I was there. I definitely tried. I knew everyone who worked for the company, made sure all the right people knew that I was interested in moving up into their departments, and even took on an extra position for free, in a dept. I wanted to work for to try to get ahead. Instead, I got to watch about 5 guys who hadn't worked at the company at all or as long as me and/or had the same/less experience than me get jobs hand to them or even worse created for them. I was offered two different jobs throughout my stay there, but neither were positions that would lead me where I wanted to go so I turned them down. I'm glad I did too, because after having a crappy job for so long I refuse to settle for another one.

Oct 18, 2009

Dirty is as Dirty does

So I use the word dirty throughout this blog and I just want to clear up what I mean, only the problem is that I mean lots of things. I mean physically dirty, like the way you get when creating something with your hands. I mean wear and tear dirty, like a scuffed Chanel bag at your local vintage shop. I mean dark mood dirty, like the feelings behind a beautifully tragic love song. I mean imperfect dirty, like runny paint colors or a pen mark on your favorite dress. I mean perfect dirty, like playing with your friends in the rain on a muddy field. Dirty tricks, Dirty attitude, Dirty jokes and I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Dirty can be many happy, fun, pretty things. We all need to remember this and embrace the dirty in our lives because often beneath the grime shiny pretty things can be found.