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Oct 18, 2009

Dirty is as Dirty does

So I use the word dirty throughout this blog and I just want to clear up what I mean, only the problem is that I mean lots of things. I mean physically dirty, like the way you get when creating something with your hands. I mean wear and tear dirty, like a scuffed Chanel bag at your local vintage shop. I mean dark mood dirty, like the feelings behind a beautifully tragic love song. I mean imperfect dirty, like runny paint colors or a pen mark on your favorite dress. I mean perfect dirty, like playing with your friends in the rain on a muddy field. Dirty tricks, Dirty attitude, Dirty jokes and I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Dirty can be many happy, fun, pretty things. We all need to remember this and embrace the dirty in our lives because often beneath the grime shiny pretty things can be found.

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