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Oct 21, 2009

Job Search

I'm supposed to be searching for a new job, but the actual search keeps getting pushed back further and further on my to do list. Honestly, it's just really hard to be motivated to do it. I was in this situation a year ago and didn't expect to be back here so quickly. Just setting up profiles, updating my resume, writing cover letters drains so much time, that when it's finally time to start searching I'm exhausted and it's late in the afternoon. The other problem is that I don't really know where to search. I mean obviously I'm using the normal job boards, but so much of what's posted on them is not for me. Since I no longer want to be in the ASI really isn't a good option for me, but what is? Most of my contacts are in the ASI or still in school, outside of that I'm pretty much on my own. I do know I would love to do marketing/PR for a creative company like a fashion label or record company. Besides logging onto company websites to apply for jobs and cold emailing HR departments does anyone have a suggestion on how to get noticed by these companies? Anything would be helpful. Or even just tips on how to stay motivated, focused, and upbeat through this whole process would be great.

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