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Sep 28, 2011

A Touch of Lace- turn a boring dress into a lacy top

Original Dress. 
New top paired with black tank, jean shorts, and necklace I made.
I found this dress/tunic on sale for $5 the other day and while the shape didn't do anything for me I really liked the sleeves and thought it would be worth buying and experimenting with. I cut most of the fabric off, gave it a slight mullet hemline, added a lace panel to the back, and Done! Now I have a cute little sweater top that I can throw on with a pair of shorts or jeans as the weather cools down.

How to add a lace overlay

-dress or top
-piece of lace slightly larger than size you want it
-sewing machine

1. After I cut my top to the length I wanted I laid it flat and decided where I wanted to place the overlay. I then pinned it down

2. I sewed around the edge of the lace with a zig zag stitch.

3. Lastly, I cut out dress fabric behind the lace and trimmed the excess lace from the sides.

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