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Dec 1, 2011

Caught in the Photoshop Web

I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of it. Staring at models in ads and on the cover of magazines. Dissecting their every non-existent pore. Telling ourselves or anyone who will listen to us that their images are photoshopped beyond belief. And why do we do it? Is it actually because we want to point out the lies being fed to us? Maybe. Or because we have been taught to be jealous and threatened by anyone we perceive as better than us? Possibly. Is it because it feels good? Could be. I know I feel a little better about myself when I can tell myself that none of it is real, and no one is that pretty. Really, it's probably a combination of all these things and more.

Well, now image forensics researchers at Dartmouth have developed a mathematical model that traces photoshop alterations. They applied the model to several ads and magazine covers and hope to use the findings to study the affect such images have on the psyche. This model isn't available for public use but if it was would you use it? Why?

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