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Mar 6, 2011

DIY Envelope Clutch


My finished bag.

The envelope clutch is all over magazines and street style blogs this season. I first noticed the beautiful blue Celine bag and then began to see the style everywhere. I really loved this leopard print version with it's folded double pouch and black leather accents. I decided to use it as a reference to make my own. The design is straightforward, but making a two pocket version made construction a little more complicated especially since I was figuring it all out as I went along. Stick with the simple single pocket for a quick and easy project or go for the double pocket if you need/want a bigger bag. It's a great grab and go purse and the simple shape makes it the perfect DIY bag. If you can sew this is a great gift to make a fashionable friend or family member.

Supplies for Double pouch envelope clutch:
-2 14" black/brass zippers (I wanted a big bag, choose any size you want)
-sewing machine, quality thread, correct needle for fabric
-magnetic brass button purse snap (keeps two sides together)
-1/2 yd black pleather (stretches while sewing which frustrated and slowed me down a great deal, but much cheaper than leather to experiment with)
-1/2 yd furry leopard print fabric (wanted something like pony hair but settled on this)
-1/2 yd black heavy twill (lined my bag to make it sturdier)

This was a blind trial and error process so my instructions are based what worked best for me. I would suggest looking online for a pattern or professional instructions and suggestions because I have also just started sewing again after several years so my technique and knowledge are rusty. I think having another reference will make it easier to do this project.

1. Create a pattern for the bag. It is just a long rectangle and one short rectangle of the same width for the contrasting strip on the leopard fabric. Make sure to double the length on the pattern as the finished clutch will be folded in half+ seam allowances. Width should be the same length as your zipper nylon + seam allowances.

2. Cut out fabrics.

3. Attach small pleather rectangle to leopard rectangle, folding one long edge of pleather under itself and pin to the print side of leopard fabric. Sew visible seam across top of the overlay area. Line up edges of pleather and leopard topsides facing eachother. Line up a twill rectangle to the backside of the pleather and one to the backside of the leopard. Fold the tops of all 4 fabrics 1/4" down and pin one side of the first zipper between the pleather and liner and the other side between the leopard and liner. Sew zipper in.

4. Make sure all 4 rectangles' 3 open sides are lined up. Pin down the two long sides and sew stopping a 1/4" from ends.

Attached snap closure.

5. Turn bag right side out. Fold bag to look like the final product and attach the purse snaps to the pleather sides about 1" down from zipper. Turn bag inside out again.

6. Attach second zipper the same way as the first. Flip bag right side out and DONE! Your bag is complete.

*You can sew the lining in separately but I didn't know how to give directions for that.
*Add piping for some more detail.
*I actually sewed a dividing line into my lining to create two distinctive pockets but I didn't write down how I did it because I know it wasn't done correctly and it was too confusing to try to explain. I would recommend creating the two pouches so that whatever you put into the purse won't be sliding allover.

Room for all types of items.
Perfect for notebook, files, or an ipad.


  1. Love this post. Great idea. Thanks for sharing love. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Don't forget to stop by to check out multiple post a day on all things fashion. xoxo


  2. You are crafty! I'm exhausted just looking at your effort!