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Nov 9, 2011

Mod inspired DIY Bold Collar Necklace

I have a slight obsession with classic films and British period dramas meaning my Netflix queues are full of them. On any given night you will probably find me winding down for bed by randomly selecting a movie from my watch instantly queue. A few weeks ago I decided on "The Grass is Greener" starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. While I wasn't in love with the film (laughing away infidelity isn't my thing) I was in love with Jean Simmons bold style. Particularly in one scene where she wears an all orange outfit with matching orange necklace and earrings, one of which sits as a crown jewel in her bouffant. I decided I needed a necklace like that to call my own and what better way to get one than to make it myself.

She's crazy and fabulous!

The complete ensemble

-Several brooches, rhinestones, odds and ends from broken pieces of jewelry, nothing has to match
-Strong adhesive made for metals and plastics
-Spray paint
-Backing strong and soft to handle the weight of the jewels and movement. I used embrodiery cloth because I had it on hand, but now I have to layer it with something else because its so scratchy
-A clasp

1. Cut out a circle from a piece of paper. It will be your guide for the inner circumference of your necklace. To get mine I traced the inner part of a collar necklace that had the same fit I wanted with this new piece.

2. Lay your backing down and position the circle on top of it so that there is enough room to add all your pieces. Position everything in a way you like then use the glue to join each piece to the backing. I had to redo this because I forgot the backing the first time.

3. Cut away the extra backing.

4. Make sure everything is solidly attached and spray paint the whole thing. It might take a few coats. Finish off with a sealer so the paint doesn't nick or chip.

5. When dry and the clasp and viola! You now are ready to rock an amazing one of a kind necklace.

Of course its only right to pair it with an outfit the same color.


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