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Oct 28, 2011

Trick or Treat Bag D.I.Y

Her scary sailor look

Bell's is dressing as a sailor girl this Halloween. I tried to encourage being a prima ballerina and wearing the very expensive costume I had to buy for her to wear once for her recital, but she would not be budged. Oh well, I'll wait to fight my battles once we have to start dealing with the slutty teenage outfits (seriously is anyone else creeped out by the 12 year old in thigh highs, heels, mini skirt, and choker staring out at you from the packaging?). Anyway, we were talking about trick or treating one day and asked what she would use for her bucket. Usually, I hand her a sheet and say go have fun, but her sailor costume got me thinking that I could make her a little sailor sack to carry her candy haul. It was super simple to make and I feel like the decorations could be changed to compliment all types of Halloween costumes.
Taking the tote out for a spin

Canvas tote
Print outs for stencils

1. Cut off handles of tote bag. Stencil and color in designs on bags.

2. Mark placement of eyelets at top of bag. Cut out holes for eyelet centers. Attach eyelets with pliers.

 3. Thread rope through eyelets, tie at ends to make handle, and you're done.


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