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Nov 12, 2011

DIY Studded Ponytail Holder from Repurposed Belt

It's currently raining here, and what better excuse for some DIY time than a rainy day. I completed this ponytail holder in about 5 minutes last night. My bf had asked me to cut up his old studded belt to make some bracelets for him. After I did this I was left with a little strip of studs that I didn't want to waste. This project was the perfect use for it.

 -small studded strip of leather
-thin black piece of elastic
-strong hold glue
-small flat nose pliers

1. Cut strip of studs so when you wrap it around your ponytail there is about an inch of open space. Cut right next to the studs so that the tabs are right on the edge.

2. Cut elastic to fill empty space to fit your ponytail with extra space to attach elastic to each end of the studded strip.

3. Open the end tab on each end stud. Peel back bottom layer of leather strip to about each stud's midpoint. Add glue between leather layers and sandwich ends of elastic in between. Pierce stud's open tab into the elastic (is key to keeping elastic in place). Close tab with pliers. Clamp down edge until glue dries.   

4. There isn't a whole lot of stretch in this ponytail holder so you will have to use a regular elastic tie in your hair then slide this over your hair. It will stay in place and add a little interest to your basic hair style.

Rocking the hair fountain look!


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