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Aug 9, 2011

Claire Vivier Inspired DIY Envelope Clutch

Claire Vivier's la pochette

After spotting this Claire Vivier la pochette I was inspired to make this extremely simple envelope clutch for my sister for her birthday. It took only an afternoon to complete and I'm happy with the results, and I think she will be too.

-Pleather, or real leather. I scored my pleather for $3. It was a yard remnant at a local upholstery fabric store.
-Strong thread in matching, or contrasting color
-Exacto knife
-paper envelope (I used a legal sized one since it was closer to the size of my clutch)
-fabric marker
-button, or other closure

1. Measure and mark out a rectangle, size is up to you. Remember you will basically be creating a tri-fold so make sure your rectangle is long enough. Cut out the rectangle.
-What makes upholstery pleather easy to work with is that it is sturdy an already lined meaning you don't have to worry about measuring, cutting, and sewing another piece of fabric.

2. Keeping about 3/8" from all 3 edges sew a straight line widthwise across one end of your fabric. This will be the top of the front panel of you clutch.

2. Take the sewn edge and so that it is inside out fold it up about a 1/3 of the way lengthwise to create the clutch pouch. Make sure it's deep enough to hold items you will be carrying in it. Pin in place. If you are using real leather you can sew on the topside of the leather so the seam will show like Claire's bag and you won't have any hang over on the flap.

3. Place the envelope on the unpinned part of the fabric, this will be the flap. Your clutch might be wider than the envelope, that's ok just line them up in the middle.

4. Trace and cut. My clutch was wider than the envelope so I just used a ruler to continue the lines to the end of my fabric.

5. Sew. Make sure the flap is pleather side up when placed under the sewing machine. Starting at one lower end of the clutch sew up the side, around the edges of the flap and back down the other side.

6. Turn clutch right side out. Fold flap over pouch(sorry for these very technical terms, I couldn't think of any others). Use Exacto-knife to puncture the flap where the button will come through. Then while flap is still in place use marker to dot button placement through the hole you just created.

7. Sew the button on by hand and then use scissors to increase the opening's size to fit the button. I made my opening in a cross shape so the pleather would hug the button.
-I'm thinking I will probably reinforce the opening since pleather stretches easily.

8. Enjoy your new Envelope Clutch.

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