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Aug 8, 2011

Featured on Practical Fashionista

The lovely Lisa from Practical Fashionista featured me, from this post, on her blog today about staying true to your style. I totally agree with her that it's important to focus on wearing what you love and what makes you feel good and not on what is the "right" or "fashionable" thing to wear. My 82 year old grandma loves rhinestones, sequins, bright prints, and heels. She looks beautiful in them and giggles like a school girl when anyone comments on how great she looks. No orthopedic shoes or polyester pants and sweater tops for her. Trends are fun and fashion is fabulous but don't forget to focus on who you are and what you like when dressing. Feeling like a million bucks in something tried and true from your closet is better than paying a small fortune to keep up with trends that you feel uncomfortable or self conscious in. Go check out Practical Fashionista for news on fashion and tips to help style the best possible you.

My picture is from the Leopard Week challenge created by awesome blogger Sheila from Ephemera that I found out about from the talented Wendy B. of Wendy Brandes. It was a fun week of reveling in my love of leopard.   

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