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Aug 13, 2011

Plain Jane to Fancy Feet Prada inspired DIY


Black boring shoe


Some craft paint and a flat paintbrush
Fun shoe DIY
I grabbed these black mary janes from F21 last year after seeing them on another blogger and thinking they looked super cute. Well, they have basically sat in my closet since then. I think I've worn them twice because they usually look slightly off with my outfits. Anyway, I've been on a huge craft kick lately and having contemplated jazzing these shoes up for a long time I decided it was now or never.  Their separate platform and chunky heel were ideal for a bright color blocking paint job. I chose to use craft paint colors I already had that played off the brights/neon trends and that I knew would work together having seen my mom rock this color combo through most of the 90s. After finishing the shoes I realized I must have subconsciously been inspired by the pretty Prada dress that has graced the likes of actress Hailee Steinfeld and the amazing blogger, Wendy B.

-2 colors craft paint
-clear shiny top coat craft paint
-nice paintbrush (badly made brushes leave bristles everywhere which will ruin your paint job)
-painter's tape
-razor blade or exacto knife

1. Tape of areas to be painted.

2. Paint base coats. The heel base coat will actually be the color of the smaller top stripe. This will take some time and patience. You will have to paint multiple layers, and trust me when I say the quickest way to do this is to wait for each layer to dry before you paint another one. I always try to just glob on paint and it never works.

3. Once the heel and platform are covered and dry measure off how big you want your heel stripe to be, mark it off, then tape it off placing the tape over the stripe color.

4. Paint the heel.

5. Use razor blade to help remove tape and keep clean lines. Scrape any excess paint off.

6. Paint the heel and platform with a coat of the shiny top coat.



  1. Amazing! I bet you will get SO many compliments!

  2. i love how it's inspired by and not a knock off... really great work!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments! It's such mood booster.

  4. Love your diy shoes! That bright pink really pops!