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Aug 14, 2011

Glitter Glasses DIY

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins
-Paris Hilton

I can't believe I just quoted PH. Its so true though. I'm a pretty simple girl who prefers dressing solid neutrals and an animal print here or there, but for some reason I'm always drawn to anything that shines and glitters. It's definitely in my veins. Anyway here's another simple cheap/free DIY project for those who like to shine. I got the idea after seeing Miu Miu's new Fall '11 glitter sunglasses. A few days later I was in Target and saw sunnies in the $1 bin so I knew it was just something I had to try. Miu Miu's pair puts mine to shame but they're so wild they make me smile. I can't wait to wear them around my daughter. She'll either want her own pair or be totally embarrassed.

Glitter Glasses

-1 pair plastic sunglasses
-1 tube glitter (I used large glitter because that's what I had but I think fine glitter would help bring the look down a notch)
-modge podge
-sponge brush
-a wide type of tape like duct or masking

1. Cut 4 pieces of tape to fit each side of each lens. Cover the lens with tape.

2. On a well covered surface wipe modge podge onto one arm of sunglasses.

3. Over a paper plate sprinkle glitter over whole arm. Make sure it gets covered. Let dry.

4. Repeat process for other arm and frame. I left the bridge uncovered because I didn't want the glitter bugging my nose.

5. Touch up areas where the glitter didn't stick. Let dry.

7. Cover all glittered areas in a layer of modge podge. This will seal in the glitter which is crucial if you don't want to glitter to fall into your eye and scratch a cornea or something. Not fun.


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  1. I bet this is time consuming but definitely worth it!