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May 11, 2011

What my mother taught me...

My mom and me
Let me just say Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mommas out there. I meant to actually post on Sunday but between helping my mom put on a brunch and dealing with my own mommy duties I barely had time to eat that day let alone blog.  I even had grand intentions of writing a loving post dedicated to my mom and I had a very specific beautiful photo of my mother I wanted to use. Well that photo seems to have disappeared but I managed to find another one that I love. 
     In it my mom and I are holding hands walking down the stairs probably headed to a much needed nap from the looks of it. In the photo I'm the adorable shirtless 22 mo. old and my mom is the a very pregnant 26 year old married homemaker.  Now I'm 26, single, working, and the momma of one little girl. It's strange to look at this old photo and think about how different our lives our at the same age yet still connected by our shared experience of young motherhood. I was 20 when I had my daughter and my mom was 18 when she gave birth to the first of her three children. I think it is my personal triumphs and struggles of not only motherhood, but young motherhood, that have helped me connect with her and understand her in a way I was incapable of in the past. 
      We still have our ups and downs and my parenting style is different then her's but she is my rock and the confidant I can turn to when I feel like I'm doing everything wrong who listens, smiles, then tells me  she thinks I'm doing an amazing job and that she wishes she had some of my mothering skills. Coming from a woman who spent a good  part of her life dedicated to raising her children I count this as the highest compliment I could receive and a great help in relieving my mother guilt. More valuable than any compliments though is the strong example and unlimited love she has provided over the years that have taught me what it means to be a good mom. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 
Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for me.

My mom and my daughter.

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  1. So adorable! Happy Mother's Day to you! Looks like great memories :)