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May 13, 2011

DIY Gifts

Every year I have the problem of figuring out what to get my mom for Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one who deals with this. Sometimes she has a suggestion but more often than not she just says "You don't have to get me anything, just spending the day with my family is enough." Maddening! So as Mother's Day approached and I started to stress my mom actually unknowingly provided me with an idea when she mentioned how much she loved these pretty Moroccan inspired lanterns. With a very restricted budget (summer camp fees and upcoming weddings killed me this month) I could not afford two lanterns, and getting one just seemed odd, but then I spotted these small table top lanterns at Target a few days later and decided to make my own.
Great look and size but not the right color

 A coat of gold spray paint and a coat of hammered metal spray paint and they were good to go. I wanted to add a patina to these to make them more like the original but I ran out of time so I might have to steal them back to complete the look.

Bonus points for matching the patio furniture
Soft pretty candlelight

 My mom's also a framed photo fanatic so I bought a simple white frame, inked on a Miu Miu inspired bird pattern I found online and have been dying to use, added a family photo, and presented it to her as another Mother's day gift.
A good gift for several occasions, just customize to fit the receiver
The gifts were a hit especially once my mom noticed that the birds were my personal touch. While none of these items cost a lot of money they were special and valuable to my mom because they created a shared experience between us in that I was thinking of her when I made these gifts and she will think of me when she looks at them. I see that as a win win on both sides.


  1. very cool diy ideas - both finished products look incredible! i really love the bird pattern on the picture frame <3shelby


  2. Those are seriously thoughtful and fabulous gifts! Way to go lady!