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Mar 28, 2011

Sunday Funday

One view of my neighborhood
Yesterday, was really overcast here in So. Cal, but the threatening rain clouds didn't stop B and me from enjoying a great day outdoors. We hit up a small vintage flea market that I found listed in the "Weekend Events" section of our local paper and then enjoyed a pony ride and some park time. BTW the Events section of your local paper comes in handy when you have to entertain out-of-town guests, your kids are on school break, or you're just bored and want something to do.

Irvine Park

I love the thrill of finding a great vintage piece and happen live in a city with a beautiful historically preserved Old Town section, as seen in That Thing You Do, which houses over 60 antique stores making it the antique capital of So. Cal. While this might sound like heaven it is also an intimidating task that I usually don't have the time or energy to take advantage of. Also, items can be more expensive in these niche stores so I really enjoyed the chance to wander this smaller flea market in a neighboring city's Old Town district. I managed to score some great pieces for a bargain, that I plan on repurposing in my own jewelry, all in about 90 minutes before B decided she had had enough.  Definitely a success for any mom shopping with a young child. 
My spoils

I think the white and gold deco earring is my favorite find
After the flea market we headed to nearby Irvine Park for a pony ride I promised B. The park occupies a large plot of land that James Irvine gifted the county in 1897, on the condition that it would remain as natural looking as possible and alcohol wouldn't be allowed on the premises(cut to today when everyone red cups the booze at picnics). It really is a beautiful place and I feel very lucky that I live somewhere where I can enjoy a modern lifestyle and still look down my street and see meadows, canyons, and hills that will never be touched by development projects. B enjoyed the pony ride, giggling the whole time, after we spent some time walking around the park. We returned home to go on a nature walk around the neighborhood, B wanted to find blossoming trees. The day ended with a delicious dinner of grilled salmon (yes we are already using our bbq) and fresh homemade strawberry pie. Overall, it was a great way to unwind and recharge for this week and I hope you all were as lucky to enjoy some time outdoors. 
A natural, making her cowboy great grandpas proud
Ready to trot around the ring a few times
The sign seems a little unnecessary considering the shade this girl's throwing
P.S. Anyone else having mixed feelings about the changes on blogger? I like the new photo posting tools but they weren't very cooperative when I was actually posting the pics.

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  1. That certainly sounds like a lovely weekend! I'm glad to hear the weather didn't spoil your fun!