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Mar 25, 2011

Friday Find: SWANclothing Garters

SWANclothing's sock and thigh high garters will put a little sizzle in your step in this Friday Find. I'm pretty sure I first found these lovely garters on The Coveted where Jennine wrote about them here, here, and here. I immediately fell in love with the comfortable lookin elastic and recycled leather design and the swan bead detail. I think anyone who has worn knee socks or thigh highs knows what a pain they are to keep in place. As a former Catholic school girl this struggle was all too common for me. Trying to pull up your knee socks as you run to class in a skirt without flashing anyone is no easy task, but it is one that I, and many of my fellow schoolmates, dealt with each day. Although, looking back I'm pretty sure some of those girls liked giving everyone a little show.

Back to the point, these garters will allow you have your cake and eat it too which would make Marie Antoinette happy seeing how she was a big fan of thigh highs and cake ;) Depending on the garter style you buy they will either be adjustable or made to your measurements ensuring a great fit that will keep everything up without the hassle of wearing a garter belt, which seems to be suffering the effects of a tarnished image anyway. I mean don't garter belts look to have been relegated to the bedroom for women outside of certain professions, and Taylor Momsen? All I know is that SWANclothing's garters manage to look sexy but innocent enough to not worry about getting propositioned by a john and they are functional. So if you love wearing thigh highs but hate the hassle that accompanies them pop on over to SWANclothing and pick yourself up a pair of garters, your thighs will thank you.

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