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Mar 1, 2011

Leopard Week

Leopard is Nature's camo

If you glance over the last few posts in my blog you might notice that I have an affinity for leopard print. Well, Sheila of Ephemera has declared this week Leopard week and I am all for it. Of course, I am supposed to be posting my leopard print outfit pictures but as previously noted I'm horrible at taking pics. Today, I managed to take a head shot/leopard bow tie pic on my photobooth and upload it to Twitpic. A major accomplishment in my book. I promise to have at least one more leopard themed photo up this week. I've made it my goal to get a full body shot. Failure is not an option, even if that means enlisting my Kindergartener to take the photo. In the meantime enjoy the inspirational photo.


  1. Let's see some pics! Can you use the timer on your camera? That's what I do.

    Looking forward to your leopard!