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Mar 2, 2011

He Said She Said

The talk of the Fashion World the last few days has been focused on Galliano, his anti-semitic rantings, and his subsequent dismissal from Dior and entry into rehab. He denies making these comments and recently issued a statement about it which can be found on multiple websites. Of course, there's video evidence of a previous incident that makes it hard to believe his claims. Really knowing nothing for Galliano as a person but having seen the video I am hit by what an unhappy and bitter a man he seems to be. His words are not only ugly and hateful but harmful as people continue excuse his behavior because he is such an amazing designer. The whole thing makes me think of Roman Polanski and how so many famous people want that issue to be brushed aside because he is a great director. Unfortunately, creating great art does not excuse disgusting behavior. I hope Galliano receives the help he needs and that this incident serves as an example of how all hate speak is ugly no matter who it comes from.

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  1. I'm disgusted by people blaming it on the stress of fashion. A lot of people experience a lot more stress without slurring "I love Hitler" in public.