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Feb 27, 2011

Jungle Love


I had been on the lookout for nail polish appliques and finally found these ones at my local CVS. I had to get them because a) they were the only ones I had found after searching several stores and b) they were just tacky enough to be awesome. They were a little tricky to get on, but considering they were only $10 and provided enough for two sets of appliques they were a pretty good deal. They lasted about three days before they started to peel on the side and I ended up removing them around the 5th day. I think they would have lasted longer if I hadn't kept readjusting them during the application process. I'm definitely want to try them again and have my eyes on a few styles from this site. Have you tried appliques? Did you do them yourself or get them done at a salon? I'm interested to know if the professional application is worth the money.

close up

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