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Apr 24, 2010

What did I do to you, Zac Posen?

I've been so excited about the Zac Posen line debuting at Target. I love Target and I love the designer collaborations they've been doing for the last few years so it's a win win situation. I've been waiting for months for this new line especially since the last few collections have been ho-hum. I rushed to Target today, my Target always debuts lines a day before, and excitedly grabbed about 15 pieces to try on. I practically raced to the dressing room giddy about my good fortune of finding so many things. Well, that's where my good fortune ended. So I admit I'm busty, 36DD, and usually have to go up a size or two for these designer lines, but the fit on these clothes was ridiculous. Of the 9 dress styles I tried on only two fit and that's after trying on different sizes of all the dresses! Some of them were so small that I got the largest size and without even zipping it up could feel the arm hole digging into my armpit. The bottoms I tried on were just as bad. I would normally question whether I've been gaining weight but I have made some recent purchases in my regular sizes that fit just fine. This leads me to wonder what the heck happened. I mean why are these pieces running so small? I did leave with one dress but I'm still not even sure I'll keep it and the funny thing is that of the two sizes I tried on I had to go with the smaller one because the other was gapping on the sides of my chest. Anyway, there's no point to this rant other than to say I'm really bummed at how the fit of this line turned out. There are still some really cute pieces in it but if you are a chesty girl I wouldn't bother.


  1. graciela.4/24/2010

    Found your post while i was looking for reviews on Zac's line. I totally feel your pain. My local Target also put out the merch a day early and the fitting was just awful. Especially after the true and flattering sizing of Liberty of London. The only piece that actually fit to my true size was the tie dye Zac tee. I'm going to try a different Target tomorrow since I couldn't find the tiger dress or the snap navy blue dress. Hopefully those fit.

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who experienced this. I hope you find the Snap dress. That was actually one of the two dresses that fit me. I didn't end up getting it though because I didn't love it on me or have a need for it and at $80 I thought I needed to justify buying it. Silly when you think about how much a regular Zac Posen goes for, but I guess I just can't get past the fact that it's a Target line and I don't expect to pay $80 for a dress at Target.