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May 11, 2010

Vegas Baby Vegas!!!

I finally have a friend who is getting married, so this past weekend some old friends and I decided to kidnap her and take her to Vegas for the weekend. It was amazing! I have been to Vegas once several years ago when I was not of age to do anything so this time was a completely different experience. I went with my closest friends from high school who I rarely get to see anymore because everyone is so busy with their own lives. By the time we drove up to the valet at the hotel my ear was ringing from being in a car with four other very excited females who speak at decibels similar to a rock concert. It's fine though. Who wants to have crisp hearing anyway? At the hotel we're greeted by another friend who now lives out of state. She had taken to decorating the room with paraphernalia that my mother would call crass, I instead laughed out loud. Sorry mom. The second we stepped into the room we morphed back into 16 year olds, yes go ahead shake your head, I'm embarrassed too. There was screaching, laughing, gossiping, awkward moments, dancing, and even a little cattiness, but you know what? It was all ok. Even after a few bumps and moments of tension the night turned out to be a blast. We walked(some stumbled) back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morn sweaty, dirty, and with aching feet but we were happy because we had each other. Sorry, if the cheese makes you gag but that's how I feel. A few days later as jokes become blurry and moments start to fade I still know that I will remember this trip for a long time to come and love these girls even more because friends like this are hard to find.

quote of the trip "I can't believe she's talking to the fascist. He told me he voted for the Conservative party."


  1. The end quote made me laugh out loud!

  2. I know, right?! That quote has already become a classic amongst my friends. The girl who said it wishes we would forget but we never will. That's what happens when phd work, conversations about Britain's elections, and a little bit of the bubbly mix.