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Mar 2, 2010

New Jewelry on Etsy

Hey Copper! Chain
Stud Love Chain
Chained & Charmed Necklace
I finally stopped procrastinating and put some more pieces up for sale. For some reason I always end up lagging on taking photos of the items, but of course no one's going to buy something they can't see (most of the time). So go over to my shop and take a peek. Please! I really like watching my "view" numbers rise.


  1. Love your pieces

  2. Thank you! I will have some more up by the end of the week so come back to check them out! Had fun looking at both your guys' blogs. Great style ideas and outfit pics.

  3. I love the bracelet, your really talented. xx
    I would never be able to make something like that, you should post like "DIY" simplified tutorial of a simple piece to make!


  4. Thanks! I have been thinking about doing one but I always forget to take photos when I'm actually working on a piece. I'm really going to try to do something in the next week or so, like a simple chain, so please come back to see.

  5. Oh, great! I would love to see. I'm following your blog so I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm pretty craft-challeneged but I'm just curious to know how you make such beautiful pieces.

    If you get a chance , check out my blog www.olivia-parker.blogspot.com xx

  6. Cool blog Olivia. And I just noticed your name. Also cool...Olivia's my middle name. Anyway I posted a really simple tutorial tutorial. Hope it helps!