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Jan 26, 2010

Just call me Coco...Chanel that is

I had bought this purple and white polka dot fabric on a whim a few months ago after falling prey to the DIY tutorials on the many blogs I enviously stalk. I thought "No problem, I'll just whip up a cute little something in 30 minutes and then sit back and let the praise sink in." I mean that's what happened on all those tutorials. Fast forward to today where I spent over an hour struggling to perform the most basic of seamstress skills, like sewing in a straight line, marking the proper measurements, etc. Let me just say I'm a little rusty from my jr high/high school sewing hey day. I'm also a little impatient. After briefly refreshing myself with some tutorial highlights I threw caution to the wind and decided I was smart enough to create a simple skirt on my own. Well after several close calls and more than a few moments of absolutely blank thought I emerged humbled but victorious. I mean it is a skirt and it is for a small girl. Is it slightly longer and larger than any of her skirts currently hanging in her armoire?Perhaps, but those are just technicalities. Anyway, just wanted to share what I decided to do today to save myself from the job search meltdown. Mission FAIL! Now my body and brain are both nursing wounds. I'll be ok after a long shower and some mindless TV.


  1. woo hoo! go jacq! be sure to share pictures of bella in the skirt!!

    re: job search melt down. i feel you. did you know that the last monday of january is known as "blue monday" because it is the most depressing day of the year? it only gets better from now on!

  2. Thanks! She'll be wearing it tomorrow for her b-day. I will be praying that it stays up and doesn't fall apart at school. If it succeeds you will definitely get some pics. That's good to know about blue monday, because I haven't been motivated to get a job at all.

  3. I think it looks awesome! My sewing projects take forever to finish too, but its so fulfilling in the end to have something that didn't exist before. Don't get discouraged!

  4. Thanks Becky! It was very satisfying once it was finished and Bella loves it so that makes me feel like a million bucks. For some reason I just always think these projects are going to be a lot quicker/smoother than they really are. I saw your post on good fabric shops and got really excited I've been wanting to go up to LA and now I have some specific stores to visit!