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Jan 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

So last week el nino decided to grace us with his offspring el nino jr. and for a week I was held captive in my house with two psycho dogs, a disgruntled sister, and a sick child. Oh the joy! Let me just tell you it was a par-tay up in here with the coughing, the barking, and the sighs of boredom and discontent echoing throughout the house. Oh and add a pool threatening to overflow each day of rain and you've got one very exhausted, sweatpant wearing, carb craving lady, i.e. me. Luckily, baby el nino decided to clean up his act for a few hours in the middle of the week giving the ladies of the house a moment of respite in the clean Cali air (not a phrase often uttered).

After quickly concocting a puddle appropriate outfit for a So Cal four year old, notice the lack of any actual rain gear/waterproof clothing on my daughter, we headed down the street to the neighborhood park to see how the playground and fields were holding up. This is what we found.
Oh what a lovely pond! Well thank you but as you notice upon further inspection it is actually just a foot path and fields that have flooded. And this wasn't just an inch of water. My canvas footwear kept clear of it but my sister was able to trudge across in her wellies. B ventured a few steps out too but due to the lack of proper attire wasn't able to go much futher. FYI she is receiving an umbrella, rain coat, and rain boots, for her birthday in a few days so she will never be ill prepared again. Then again with my luck it probably won't rain for the next three years. Lack of proper clothing didn't stop another park patron from enjoying this pop up pond though.

He was seriously enjoying that water more that anyone. He had a doggie friend with him but she was not as crazy about the cold dirty water as he was. We splashed around for a little longer, played at the abandoned playground for a bit, then headed back home for shelter from the next storm which not only brought rain but a TORNADO!

Umm, excuse me God but I live in California not Kansas. I didn't even know tornados formed out here. I even thought the weather warning had incorrectly stated tornado instead of hurricane. A hurricane makes sense, water, wind, rain, but they were right. We had a real life tornado that picked up cars and boats, blew out windows, and caused other random acts of chaos. Luckily, no one was hurt and it lasted all of thirty seconds, but let me just say this used to be one thing you could boast about not having to deal with out here. Eathquakes yes, mudslides yes, wildfires yes, santa ana winds yes, suffocating smog yes, but tornados? I just don't think I'm ready to add one more check to my disaster preparedness kit, which I might not even technically have. Instead I will let B wish you peace while simultaneously censoring her Auntie from doing the same.

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