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Apr 2, 2010

The Sartorialist

Currently, The Sartorialist blog is running contests for the chance to win a Celine inspiration book. While I, myself, would never end up on a fashion blog like that, I'm just too suburban, I enjoy looking at the photos posted on the site. So when I read that they were doing a vintage photo contest for one of the Celine books I immediately knew what photo I was going to pick. About 5 years ago I was visiting my Grandpa and we were looking through his old photos. I came across one of a young woman on a motorcycle and immediately fell in love with it. My Grandpa couldn't remember much about her other than she had been a girlfriend of his brother's. Since it wasn't a photo my Grandpa connected to I took it to show my hairstylist for inspiration for a new cut.
Since then I've kept this photo in my desk and have gotten a kick out of stumbling across it and wondering about who this girl was. Anyway, back to the point. I submitted this photo and about a week later it actually showed up on the site! There were over 400 photos submitted and only about 20 posted on the site. I'm not going to lie. I immediately posted this info on FB and then proceeded to soak up the self imagined glory I felt for being so cool. Obviously, I'm still feeling pretty awesome about this so I had to post it on my blog in case anyone drops by and wants to know. You can still find the pic on The Sartorialist under the heading "Cool Girls on Motorcycles" just in case you want to check it out in all it's glory. Oh, and for the record, this doesn't mean I won. Nope it just means my photo was interesting enough to be shared. I hope that doesn't mean I lose cool points, I had so few to start with.

NB: Just because you have a cool photo in your possession it doesn't make you cool by association.

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  1. Dear Jacquelin,

    Thank You for entering the Beso Hunter Boot contest. I hope you are given the opportunity to wear these graphite hunter boots to show off your savvy fashion flair.

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