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Apr 19, 2011

Quick Trip Down the Coast

As I said earlier the last few weeks have been very hectic for me. Finally, I got some relief on Thursday when I sent B off to Texas to spend the last few days of Spring Break with her dad and his family. I was supposed to have a small showing at my old office that day but it was rescheduled last minute due to an emergency meeting that several of the girls had to attend. Normally I would be bummed but instead I felt relief that I had a little more time to spend on my pieces and excitement because I was now able to leave for Coronado sooner. See, my mom decided to surprise my boyfriend and me with an overnight trip to Coronado, which is a beautiful island in SD that I often visited as a young girl. Let me just say it was exactly what I needed. 

Crossing the bridge to Coronado
One of the few pics I actually took of us. I also failed to get a photo of our hotel because I am so not a camera person.
 The weather was beautiful, the island was peaceful, and most importantly I was able to relax. We made it down to the island in about 90 minutes and after checking in to the historic Glorietta Bay Inn we immediately decompressed with some drinks and some lounging by the pool. When we finally decided to move our butts we headed across the street to stroll the boardwalk by the famous/haunted Hotel Del Coronado and watch the sunset. After the sun disappeared we walked into town for some tasty pizza at the Village Pizzeria. We finished the night with some drinks on our patio overlooking the Hotel Del.  The next day was spent eating a leisurely breakfast and taking another stroll around the island. We left the island that afternoon and made it home in 1 hour! Seriously, that has to be some kind of record. I usually can't even make it to my friend's place in Del Mar in that time.
Camp Pendleton is close by in Oceanside.
The historic Hotel Del Coronado. Watch Some Like It Hot to see the inside.
While the trip was short I feel that I made the most of it by doing absolutely nothing. I came back refreshed and ready to jump back into work and mommy duty. If you are ever in So Cal and are tired of LA or SD I would really recommend driving over the bridge to Coronado for a few hours or even a few days. It's a beautiful little city with a great beach, some beautiful historic landmarks, and a relaxed vibe that will immediately mellow you out.

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