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Apr 23, 2011

Springtime Nails

I just had to get these Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips I spotted while rushing through Target grabbing candy for a egg hunt I'm in charge of this Sunday. Usually my local target only has bright neon yellow strips in stock, but somehow I lucked out and had a variety of options to choose from. While the leopard were really calling my name I ultimately decided on the flower power design because it was perfect for Spring, Earth Day, and Easter. I have tried other nail polish strips before and I definitely prefer Sally Hansen's. They were super easy to apply, secured to my nails well, and I can't feel them whereas my previous pair  felt like I was wearing strips of tape on my nails. These are supposed to last up to 10 days but with all the work I do with my fingers I'll be happy if they last five. At around $8 a package, which includes enough strips for at least two applications, these nail polish strips are worth a try if you're looking for an easy inexpensive way to add a little fun to your look.  


  1. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! i am in love with the sally hansen nail strips... i'm actually planning to apply the leopard ones as soon as i tear myself away from blogging haha. love your jewelry too, you are so creative. following <3shelby


  2. I just discovered your blog and its so divine, loving these spring time nails xxx