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Oct 26, 2010

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Awhile ago ...love Maegan did a post about some awesome things she found at the leather store Tandy Leather Factory. Randomly I had spent some time searching, unsuccessfully, for leather at my local fabric and craft stores so I was really excited to learn that there was a Tandy's near me. I went right away and ended up buying some lovely black leather, metal studs, and handle hardware all with the idea of making a purse. Mind you I had never worked with leather before, never made a purse, and really hadn't sewn much in the last several years, but I was optimistic and high on the fumes of animal hides. Did I also mention I'm impatient? So instead of searching out a tutorial online I decided I would teach myself. I thought a bucket bag would be simplest and still stylish so I took a bowl, traced it onto the leather to form the bottom of the bag, and cut. There was no turning back. Several days and sore fingers later this is what I had.

Not too bad. My biggest regret was not having bought a larger piece of leather. Size really does fool you. I thought I bought a piece that would give me a small/medium size bag but this is definitely small, similar to evening bag size. In fact I ended up using it as a night bag when I went to a friend's bachelorette party in Vegas.

Taking my id out of my new bucket bag
all parties shall remain faceless to protect their identities ;)

Do you ever get optimistic and just start creating? If so I want to see! Leave your links in the comments. I check them all.


  1. lovely bag x


  2. Amazing. I feel like I need one now.

  3. Cute! Looks very '80s in a good way.

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    Good luck!

  5. very cool bag!

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  6. It's gorgeous! I wish I had that kinda talent!

  7. It came out pretty well, I love the metal accents. I know exactly what you feel though, when I started sewing I thought eyeballing would work. Unfortunately, it does not always have a happy ending...

  8. I don't because I don't have the skill. :') You definitely do, though, especially for a first try!

  9. I love the big studs!! (googling and oogling tandy leather studs now)I think I need them on everything. Thanks for sharing