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Sep 8, 2010

Quick Fix Lace Ups

A few months ago my Mom was in Nepal to visit my Sister who was over there working with anti-trafficking organizations (yes she is the good child of the family who is currently attending law school so she can spend her life fighting slavery while I sit on my butt and blog) Anyway, my Mom brought me back these cute sandals. As soon as I put them on one of the zippers fell off. Being the nice lady she is my mom got the zipper fixed for me. I tried them on again and bam the other zipper falls off. These are just cheap little street sandals that are cute so I don't want my mom to spend any more money getting them repaired but I also don't want them to go unworn. I finally came up with a solution. I would make them into lace ups. I've been seeing a lot of corset lacing on the back of shoes so I figured this would be a fun, free, and fashionable fix for my footwear dilemma.

Here is the ridiculously easy process:

1. Cut off the zippers.

2. Mark your holes and use a leather punch to punch them out

3. Insert laces
*I suggest leather cord but I didn't have any lying around so I'm using plain black laces for the moment.

4. Enjoy!