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Jun 14, 2010

La Quinta

So I returned from the bachelorette weekend yesterday a lot more tan and a little more worse for the wear, but overall I had a great time. Days were spent eating and laying poolside. Nights were a little more productive eating and drinking and loudly making ourselves the center of attention wherever we went. We even got security called on us for being obnoxiously loud on our patio around 11:30 at night. I mean what do you expect when you get 9-11 women in their mid-twenties together in a room.

We stayed at the La Quinta Resort and Spa which was set right against the mountains. So pretty. I had never stayed in Palm Desert before but I loved it and can't wait to go back. We even lucked out with nice weather that didn't break 100 degrees!

I love the progression of faces in this shot. Once everyone discovered we were a bachelorette party there was no end to the free shots, which of course led to the downfall of several in our party.

The bachelorette getting ready for her first drink. She deserves it after waiting 9 years for her fiance to man up ;)

This sums up our first night.

This as productive as we got during the day. Reading gossip mags without getting print all over your oiled up body is actually really hard work.

Las chicas and me. I have known these girls since freshman year of high school and I love them as much as ever. We've been friends with the bride and groom through their whole relationship and I am so excited that in a month's time we will get to witness them getting married. Congrats M&J! I love you mucho and can't wait for Santa Barbara.


  1. Next time I get married, I am partying with you guys.

  2. It's on! Ditch the kids and hubs and come party with us in Cali.