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Jun 19, 2010

BCBG Sample Sale

I trekked up to Vernon today to shop at BCBG's Friends and Family Sample Sale. Oh my gosh! There were so many pretty dresses. I was overwhelmed. Now if you have ever been to a sample sale you know that you have to walk in with a game plan and the right mindset or you will be slaughtered. So after spending a half hour searching for parking and then another hour waiting in line to go in I was a little exhausted but I manned up powered through the next 2 1/2 hours to get some shopping done. The biggest mistake you can make at a sample sale is just grabbing something because it's your size. You need to look at each piece carefully inspecting it for deformities and tears because samples are notorious for having flaws (I know I used to have to work the sample sales at my old job). Also, be honest with yourself about whether you will wear it or not. Trust me, you're not really saving money if it just sits in your closet collecting dust. So anyway after much searching, grabbing, inspecting, and editing I came away with the following:

3 dresses
2 blouses
2 bathing suits
1 sweater
1 skirt

Yep, that's right only $71! If I had just purchased one of my blouses retail I would have spent more than that so although I'm exhausted and sweaty I am very happy I went. Thanks Tayler for hooking me up with the pass!


  1. wow that a steal. Love bcbg.
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  2. Amazing finds!!!!
    & thank you for following my blog :)

  3. holy moley, such a steal! well done.